Fibertech World specializes in telecommunications/fiber optic installation, splicing, testing, troubleshooting, design and engineering. We have crews on call 24 hours a day for quick response time and emergency repairs.

Our cable placement division provides cable placement overhead or underground. We install fiber optic cable for long haul transport, metro networks FTTP/ FTTH using cable blowing method or pulling/direct burial, or Tera Span installation. We install fiber optic cable overhead in the power space or the communication space as we keep Journeymen Linemen on staff through IBEW.

  • Planning & Designing of Communication Infrastructure

    A comprehensive Strategic Communication Plan forecasts growth and future needs which allows for new applications to be scaled or added to a shared communications backbone. Utilities are beginning to see the benefits of completing a multi-year communications architecture plan that considers the optimization of all communication related applications. A clear communication map also generates a quick introduction cycle for each new program as it is added.

  • Fiber Optic Supply & Installation

    We design and install fiber optic network that support both digital and analogue services as well as IP networks. We serve custom-made so lutions to LANs, WANs and mission-critical control systems.

    Our experience and work culture ensure cost effective and efficient service, Considering the current as well as future expansion needs. We always strive to excel, and help our partners excel in their domains. We meet all the international cabling standards such as EIA/TIA, 150/IEC, CENELEC, and BICSI.

  • Structured Cabling & Security Products

    We are experts in Structured Cabling design and installation that integrates the voice-data-video management systems of any building or campus — systems including safety alarms, security access and energy systems. We adhere to national and international standards like the EN (European), the EIA (American), and the ISO (rest of the world) we ensure excellent quality of materials and service.

    Similar transmission types (analog or digital) and similar delivery methods (conduit, cable tray, raceway, etc.) support and protect the cabling environment. Standardized components like equipment rooms, telecommunication rooms, horizontal cabling and backbone cabl ing ensure high performance and uniform service.

  • Network Monitoring

    Whether for business or pleasure — we ship daily fractions of a second volume of information over fiber or copper cable in the world.

    All course entirely? Few know the surveillance technology in the background, which ensures a smooth data transfer to sensitive telecommunications networks. We provides in the field of cable monitoring technology is an important contribution to improved operational and planning security. As the only supplier, we understand how to combine the monitoring of traditional copper cables and modern fiber optic networks in a single system. The monitoring of these two separate communication networks is no longer necessary. All monitoring data run together in one place and available to you as a network operator at any time up to date. You can see creeping cable faults quickly and accurately locate, plan effectively and timely carry out repairs before failure of the connection. This provides LANCIER monitoring time and cost saving solutions that will help avoid malfunctions and failures.

  • IT Solutions

    In our increasingly IT dependent modern society, we have been conceiving, conceptualizing, defining and designing technology based services for close to 5 years. Our team derives the data and information from leading technology providers as a continuous effort. Customer relations and client satisfaction is our priority. We mobilize all the resources at our disposal, to serve our customer in improving their business interest as well as exploring newer avenues. The effective lower operational costs and customized proposals are a bonus for our clients and we help them to reinsert themselves with added revenue sources. Our ventures, develop, implement and support multiple IT services.

    We have been often quoted for our effective designs with optimal usability. Our insightful understanding of the online medium consistently surpasses your expectations from the internet. It has been delightful to see the user stickiness increasing so much and often forming online communities to sustain it.

  • Civil Division

    Fibertech World Qatar is a certified contractor by OOREDOO in the field of external network installations, executing the underground duct laying and related civil works for the Telecom infrastructure projects. We had the opportunity to successfully complete many government and semi-government infrastructure projects as well as private projects. As a result of this widespread experience, we have achieved vast experience and possessed excellent knowledge of the local rules and regulations and approval processes of the state Qatar.